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Who is Pablo T

Pablo T is a professional painter and writer of Italian - French origins with the Atelier in the city of Asti, inventor of extrasensory abstract art, listed international master of Contemporary Painting.

He is one of the most awarded artists in Europe, indicated by Asian art magazines as the inventor of the new abstractionism called "extrasensory abstractionism".

His works have been hosted in the most prestigious international and Italian modern art museums and galleries; he has important institutional exhibitions to his credit and a critical catalog which analyzes his most recent works.


His art is appraised and positioned on the contemporary art market with a decisive exponential growth. Co-founder of the publishing house Letteratura Alternativa Edizioni and current Curator and Director of the International Art Biennial of the City of Asti.

Pablo T painting .jpeg

“Pablo T has invented a new way of understanding abstract painting, his innovative technique and his visionary being have created a break with everything that is present: his work goes beyond the senses, they become extrasensory. His is extrasensory abstractionism”


Shoyo Shimizu

Tokyo Art

Artist's certified coefficient for Abstract artworks


Growth in value of Abstract Works Pablo T

International Press


  • July 2023 Golden Mercury for the visual arts 2023, Cesenatico Palazzo del Turismo.

  • 23 April 2023 Golden Lion for the visual arts 2023, Venice Biennale

  • April 2023 Second Golden Lion for Visual Arts – Venice (2021 and 2023)

  • April 2023 Personal exhibition Noli Gallery - Liguria

  • March 2023 Institutional Pavia – Pavia Exhibition Palace

  • March 2023 Conferment to the City of Palermo Career Foundation Costanza & World register of New York artists

  • March and April 2023 Institutional personal exhibition at Palazzetto Baviera Senigallia, promoted and organized by the Municipality of Senigallia.


Biennials: Venice Biennial, Modigliani Foundation, Cesenatico Biennial, Asti Biennial

Italy: Asti, La Spezia, Cesenatico, Venice, Massa, Turin, Senigallia, Noli, Pavia
Switzerland: Zurich

France: Paris, Marseille, St. Tropez

Luxembourg: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Belgium: Brussels

Spain:Barcelona, Alicante, Tarragona, Palma de Mallorca

Germany: Berlin

United States: New York,

Los Angeles, Miami


China: Shanghai

Japan: Tokyo

Thailand: Bangkok

United Arab Emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Pablo T Writer

  • 2016 Second prize in "A book for the cinema" overcoming "The house of dark ladies" by Pupi Avati - Rispoli Library in Rome,

  • 2017 Honorable mention at the Quality Book Festival - Fliq - University Reunited Rome

  • 2017 Mention to the Italian Writers Federation

  • 2017 Selection for the Mario Luzi Prize

  • 2018 final stage at the Campiello Prize – Padua

For more than 15 years he has been a national teacher of basic and advanced writing. He has taught in Rome, Terni, Milan, Asti and currently organizes individual courses online. From 2005 to 2010 he was a columnist for the US newspaper "Letter from Africa".

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